Massiel Taveras paraded at the Cannes Film Festival with design “El Cristo” by Gianina Azar

Los Angeles-based Dominican actress and producer Massiel Taveras walked the carpet at the 2024 Cannes International Film Festival, one of the most important events in the film industry, dressed in the design “El Cristo” (Christ) by mistress Gianina Azar.

Wearing a collector’s piece of artwork, catalogued as the most important and significant design in the history of stylist Giannina Azar, “El Cristo”, meaning the son of God become man, is a hand-painted textile oil painting on a layer of white silk cyberline made by painter Yan Paez, in the form of a cloak or cape about 15 feet long.

The portrait of the face of “El Cristo”, measures approximately 9 feet. The grandiose image is a true spectacle worth seeing as it is conceived in earth tones with the application of some 10,000 swarovski crystals and rhinestones, revealing dimensions that give the impression that “El Cristo” is alive on the long geometrically cut cape. A black, tubular-cut cyberline base suit completes the masterpiece.

Although the exact value of the creation has not yet been revealed, it is estimated that the art of “El Cristo,” could be cut and sold for up to $450,000, making it Azar’s most valuable gown to date.

Massiel Taveras 3“We are honoring the giver of talents and that is priceless, but, infinite value with the funds from this art. The idea is to contribute to humanity to continue doing humanitarian works, but, above all, to carry the message of salvation. For now, it will be kept in an important museum in the United States”, said Massiel.

“The Christ who in the Greek language means ‘the anointed one’ is described in physical forms in the Bible verse John 3:16 ‘For God so loved the world, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.’

“I have no words to describe what I felt when I measured this piece, being dressed as ‘The Christ’ is the most transcendent event I have ever lived in this industry, I don’t think another clothing can surpass this one, no one can compete with the truth that this piece exposes. El Cristo lives in Cannes and everywhere, the whole world will see it and every knee will bow down”, she stressed.

Miss Dominican Republic 2007, after being selected as the image for an important natural beauty campaign in Hollywood this year 2024, received a few days ago the recognition as “Woman of the Year” and Dominican pride in Hollywood in the annual cover of TWIF International magazine in Los Angeles.

Massiel Taveras 2