Évelyne CHAVILLE (Editor-in-chief in Guadeloupe)

Évelyne Chaville is a journalist from Guadeloupe and founder of the website, Kariculture.net.

After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Foreign Languages, (Gerville-Réache High School in Basse-Terre), she studied Spanish (University of Antilles-Guiana, Pole of Martinique & University of Bordeaux – France). She also studied Communications and Advertising. In recent years, she attented training courses in Computing, Office Automation and Foreign Languages (English and Spanish).

She graduated from the École Supérieure de Journalisme de Paris and started her career in several major media in France (Daily France-Soir, Weekly L’Express, Radio France Internationale-RFI etc.) .

Journalist for 22 years, she worked on radio, in print media and on the Internet ; she  wrote about political, economic, social, societal, cultural and sports subjects. During nearly six years, she worked as correspondent in Guadeloupe for a radio program in Creole language on Radio France Internationale ; this weekly news magazine was broadcast from Paris every Sunday morning in the Caribbean and was very popular in Haiti.

For over 5 years, she also was Director of the Cabinet and Communications Officer in a town in Guadeloupe where she had the opportunity, among other things, to organize (or to participate in the organization of) various cultural events.

A self-taught artist, she practiced figurative painting, for a few years.

For professional and tourist reasons, she travelled extensively in the Caribbean and elsewhere (France ; England ; Belgium ; Spain ; United States ; Trinidad and Tobago ; Antigua ; Haiti ; Dominican Republic ; Martinique ; St. Lucia ; Dominica ; Sint Marteen ; Puerto Rico etc).