Guadeloupe Pool Art Fair : to become known and to sell works

Initiated by Guadeloupean painter Thierry Alet, the Pool Art Fair Guadeloupe with one hundred artists took place, from June 17 to 19, 2016 at the cruise terminal of the Port of Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe). This year, English enigmatic artist Banksy was the guest of honor of this cultural event which, as in 2015, was a success.

Despite its English name that not many Guadeloupeans would know how to translate into French, over the years, the Pool Art Fair Guadeloupe is becoming more and more a major event in the local and international art scene. From the beginning in 2010, its founder, Guadeloupean painter Thierry Alet, wanted to establish regularity in the organization of this event. So every year in June, the amateurs of painting, sculpture and photography have a meeting at the cruise terminal of the Port of Pointe-à-Pitre with artists from various parts of the world. Banksy, the British street artist (urban art) who built its reputation more on his anonymity than on his works, was the guest of honor in 2016. Of course, Banksy, was not present at the Pool Art Fair Guadeloupe

This year, one hundred artists came to make themselves known to the public. Among them were : José Legrand from Guiana ; Abishag, Tony Boyer, Michèle Arretch from Martinique ; Francis Eck and John Peter Straub from St. Martin ; Yagor and Aya N’Da from Ivory Coast ; Karem Arietta from Venezuela ; Charly Palmer and Kathy Sauther the United States ; Rose Eysmond from Canada ; Karine LG and Romain Ganer from France ; Shuck One from Italy ; Jean-Marc Hunt, Angela Davis, Mamie Tiban, KoKo, Mizer, David Bourcelot, Jacky Poulier, Madpark, Catherine Seznec, Mary Aimer, Heraud, Alfredus, Françoise Gogny-Goubert, Nicole Réache, Jérôme Sainte-Luce, Jorge Rovélas, Michel Rovélas, Thierry Petit-le-Brun, Armanval (…) from Guadeloupe.

It must be said, moreover, that these artists also come to sell their productions. Many of them are aware that the world is confronted to an economic crisis, they often propose payment facilities to art lovers who are also customers ; surely that is a good way for democratizing art …

On Friday June 17, over 1000 people attended the opening of this major exhibition. The conferences-debates also drew a crowd including one entitled “Banksy, Myth or Reality?”.


Salustiano before Banksy

Already last year – from June 19 to 21, 2015 – this international art fair had brought together about fifty artists from a dozen foreign countries and French regions like Mario Benjamin (Haiti), Tatyana Odinokova (Russia) Rony Sidon (Ireland), Ruti Russelli (Lithuania), Robert Manscour (Martinique) or Keya (Continental France). Nearly half of the artists who were invited to exhibit and to sell their work to art lovers was from Guadeloupe. For example, Jérôme Jean-Charles, Betty Soter, Valey, Félie-Line Lucol…

During the private view on Thursday 18 June 2015, the audience had attended a “live painting” by Ruti Russelli and a “street painting” by Steeck. Moreover, opera singers Lise Boula and Marie-Sabine Clémenceau performed during this party. Discussions were also held after the presentation of the guest of honor’s career and work, figurative painter Salustiano aged 51, from Seville in Spain, known for his portraits with the rigour of a Renaissance painter… Other debates concerned various topics such as freedom of expression, dear to all artists.