Actor Ilya Aponte reaffirms his commitment to the Dominican art

Aponte is part of the National Theater Company of the Dominican Republic along with other outstanding figures of the country’s theater.

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Dominican actor Ilya Aponte, who continues to achieve success in his native country, recently finished the shooting of the new film “La Fábrica de Bodas”, under the direction of Francis “Indio” Disla Ferreira, and with the performances of Cheddy Garcia, Fausto Mata, Julia Stier, Kuno Becker, among others.

In addition, at the end of 2021 he has participated in the Dominican film “Boca chica”, produced by Selene Films. In 2020, in the film “El Plan” he played the role of “The director of the Reformatory” (the character who covers up the abuses committed in the juvenile detention center), the film that will be released soon is a production by filmmaker Robert Cornelio.

Aponte is part of the National Theater Company of the Dominican Republic along with other prominent figures of the country’s theater and, in recent months, he has

participated in major commercials such as UNIFEC produced by Apolboxfilm, and for the National Housing Institute (INVI) directed by Jose Enrique Pintor (Pinky.)

Many roles in theatre, cinema and television

Ilya, who graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Arte Dramático de Bellas Artes (ENAD), has worked in the famous series and soap operas : “El Capo3”, “Los Graduados”, “El Comandante”, “Alias el Mexicano” ; “Tarde lo Conocí”, “Tormenta de Amor”, “Las Brujas”, “El Final del Paraíso”, among other important productions.

In addition, he has played characters in more than twenty national and international plays, including : “Las Heroínas” directed by Giovanni Cruz, “Me bajo en la Próxima” and “Choque” by Bienvenido Miranda ; “Tambores y Castañuelas” by Víctor Vidal, “El Flecha” by Redames Polanco, “Roberto Zucco” by Carlos Castro, and “El Delantal Blanco” by Fausto Grullón.

For Ilya it was of the utmost importance to take his first steps as an actor in his homeland, which is why he became a member of the group “Los Cocuyo” directed by the outstanding actress and director Carlota Carretero. He has also participated in the cast of the plays “Falsos Profetas”, “Último Asalto en Ciudad Trujillo” and he was assistant director in the staging of “Perrería”.

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An interest in art since childhood

In this process he moved on to Dominican television and cinema, working as the lead actor in the television series “Relatos de Miky Breton”, which was broadcast on Telemicro and Digital 15 ; at different times he was invited as an actor in sitcoms directed by Alfonso Rodriguez, “Ciudad Nueva”, and “Pobre Presidente”.

In the movies he played in the film “Perico Ripiao” (Sergeant Papo) by Ángel Muñiz, in the film “Enigma” directed by Robert Cornelio, in international film productions “Dreans of Julia”, “Havana en Crisis” and the soap opera “Trópico” starring José Luís Rodríguez (El Puma).

Since his childhood, Aponte was interested in art because at the Instituto Politécnico Loyola he turned to acting, getting involved in plays and artistic and cultural activities. At the age of 16 he was part of the Clown Company Saltarín and Gasparín, working with them in the children’s programs Sábado Chiquito de Corporán and Club de Isha.

A beneficial stay in Colombia

In 2007, he was invited to the city of Medellin, Colombia, to do a three-month internship in one of the best Latin American troupes called Matacandelas and then he has received another invitation to be part of “Hora 25”, a South American theater troupe, where he was an actor for 5 years, performing in “Romeo and Juliet”, “King Lear” by William Shakespeare ; “Hecuba and The Trojan Women” by Euripides, and “The Thief’s Journal” by Jean Genet.

His talent and discipline in acting have given him the opportunity to work for leading production companies such as Foxtelecolombia, Sony Pictures, Univision, Teleset and CMO.

Ilya Aponte assures that his greatest interest as a professional actor is to continue developing his career, to continue making a name for himself in theater and cinema, and to influence and teach future generations.