Pool Art Fair becomes Black Market from June 24 to July 3, 2022

In Guadeloupe, the biggest event for contemporary art was until now the Pool Art Fair. The last physical edition dates from June 2019, it was held at the cruise terminal of the port of Pointe-à-Pitre, as it has been for some years now. For the next two years, this artistic event had become virtual because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, the organizing association, Frère Independent, wants the artists and the public to meet again physically but with some changes.

“This year Black Market replaces PooL Art Fair, to mark our entry into a post-covid period. The exhibition takes place on the same traditional dates as PooL Art Fair. However, the format is different. Black Market does not offer individual stands, the exhibiting artists are selected by a curator and do not have to pay exhibition fees”, announces the association.

Indeed, the 13th edition of the Pool Art Fair becomes the 1st edition of the Black Market, we do not yet know if the name “Pool Art Fair” will disappear completely in the future. In any case, the new Black Market starts at the same period as the PAF but will last 10 days instead of the 3 days for the PAF. Artists must register until June 5, 2022. Then they will be selected by official curators appointed by Black Market and independent curators ; names are already known such as Stéphanie Mélion Reinette, Hellen Rugard, Nicolas Nabajoth, Lana Mayoute, Élisabeth Gustave and Christina Jasemin.

They can present 2 to 4 artists however, all applications will be validated by the exhibition management.

This great exhibition will be held at the Arawak Hotel in Le Gosier from June 24 to July 3, 2022 and admission will be free. “The Frère Independent Association is proud to present the 1st edition of this new format of the PooL Art Fair. The ambition is to offer a great exhibition to participate in the economic recovery of the art world in Guadeloupe”, says the association.

In addition, the organization is considering the possibility of presenting the works of participating artists in a digital hall and in individual online and in 3D galleries.

See you next Thursday, June 23 for the opening at the Arawak Hotel…