A future law to regulate the content of Dominican music?

In the Chamber of Deputies a bill that aims to regulate the content of music produced in the Dominican territory is discussed.

The initiative of the peledeísta deputy Víctor Suárez Díaz tries to avoid “bad music” before it goes on the air, and to anticipate the functions of the National Commission of Public Shows and Radiophony (CNEPR) “that acts by complaints against songs that are already playing”.

The legislator used up a turn prior to this Wednesday’s session of the Chamber of Deputies to encourage his colleagues to support his initiative that is for him a contribution to society.

To motivate them, he made reference to the song “La Bebé”, performed by urban singers El Famoso Biberón, Black Jonás Point and Liro Shaq, a production that was banned last week by the CNEPR, because it makes “a prolonged and repetitive use of language with perverse descriptions, detrimental to children and adolescents and the artists make morbid insinuations by telling an intimate relationship and showing a behaviour contrary to good morals”.

“For some time we have been thinking about what our young people are consuming in Dominican radio and ourselves. And we have been planning a bill aimed at modifying everything concerning broadcasting, so here the prohibition of songs that violate ethics and moral is because someone denounces it or complains after they are already playing on the radio, but they remain on the networks and people continue to consume them”, explained Suárez Díaz.