Songs by Nashoo in “Muva’s Model Magic” from Atlanta

Singer Nashoo

The tracks “Thief ah Whine” and “Island Flame”, which Nashoo performed with American rapper Reime Schemes, were played in this new program dedicated to female modeling in the United States.

4 Nashoo - Miami

In 2014, the spotlight was shone on Nashoo and Haya when they participated in the great American Coast to Coast singing contest in England with their song “Tsunami”. This song had a beautiful destiny because it was included in the mixtape by the famous rapper Future. Since then, the two artists continue their career without making noise. A year ago, Nashoo travelled to Florida for performances at the nightclub “Miami Live Venue” owned by Lil Fats, the boss of Coast to Coast, she gave interviews in Miami and then New York.

A few days ago, the artist had some excellent news: she learned that one of the songs she performs with American rapper Reime Schemes – “Thief ah Whine” – was recently aired in season 2 of “Muva’s Model Magic”, episode 2 “Red Carpet Ready” (4 minutes 40s). This new online show comes to us from the city of Atlanta in the United States and aims to encourage and perfect the underrated art of modeling among young women.

“Thief ah Whine”: 1 million views on Facebook and 500,000 views on YouTube

“It was a radio presenter I had the opportunity to meet for an interview in the United States who told me the news through Instagram. I was very surprised but I didn’t go to watch it right away on Youtube, Haya did, Reimes did too and shared the news on the networks. In fact, I still have this very humble approach to what’s going on around me, for me it’s a start because I haven’t reached the top yet. I add that to the board by giving thanks and telling myself that “Thief ah Whine” is still played, people are still finding out so I’m not going to relax. A few weeks ago,”Thief ah Whine” reached a million views on Facebook and 500,000 views on YouTube”, said Nashoo, who has been living in Guadeloupe for over three years.

The reason the tracks have such a long lifespan is because Reime Schemes is working with African artists, moreover he was to go to Africa in April, but the Covid-19 pandemic stopped this artistic project. However, the track “Thief ah Whine” went there and got special promotion on many radio stations. There are still cities, countries, continents that are discovering the song since it is on 200 -300 websites.

“My idea is to create creative and special things that has a connotation that makes people want to listen and listen again. Now, we talk a lot about “buzz” but it’s something that passes on but if we create things that last, it’s better. It’s like my other track with Haya, “Wonders”; we like to say it’s a masterpiece, this means that at any time someone will listen to this track and it will speak to him”, Nashoo explained.

“I’m working for the human being”

Another song by the singer with Reime Schemes, “Island Flame”, was also played in the episode 3 of this show, titled “Road Trip” (22 minutes 14s).

“I was so happy, I didn’t shout with joy, it’s not my way of reacting, I’m keeping my feet on the ground. As an artist, I’ve already experienced more exciting things than this but it’s something positive and makes you want to continue and I thank the people who composed the music and the team of the show for choosing them. For a little islander like me, this will remain engraved in my memory; I know I’m not Rihanna but when I hear that my sound reached this level, this can only comfort me in everything I can produce and make me want to do better. I like to say that I’m working for the human being, maybe not in quantity but in quality,” she said.

For the moment, the singer is confined with her family and she is aware of the negative consequences of this global coronavirus epidemic so she said: “I can’t and I don’t want to feed the pain, I prefer to continue giving love and hope, that’s what we need, we must continue living”.

Nashoo is currently working on her new single and is also looking forward to getting back to the stage of OM Saya Bar on La Datcha beach in Le Gosier, where she performs on the first Saturday of every month until December.