Alba GOMEZ ESCUDERO (Correspondent in Puerto Rico)

Alba Gómez is from Barcelona (Spain), where she studied Contemporary History and Journalism. She holds a Master’s degree in Journalism from the University of  Barcelona and from Columbia University in New York.

In Barcelona, she worked as a reporter, producer and editor in the newspaper La Vanguardia and TV3-Televisió in Catalonia. However, for thirteen years, she has been living in Puerto Rico where she worked as an editor for the newspaper El Nuevo Dia, as an editor and journalist in the Publishing House of the University of Puerto Rico, as production coordinator on Cultura Viva and as director, researcher and scriptwriter of Prohibido Olvidar, both programs broadcast by Canal 6 and the PBS system, United States. In 2012, she wrote and directed the documentary Un Poema en el Exilio, el Pesebre de Pablo Casals y Joan Alavedra, her first feature-length documentary which was an international co-production between Puerto Rico and Spain.

During the last three years, she has served as communications director for the European Film Festival of the Alliance Française in Puerto Rico. She has just made the biographical documentary Luz Maria Rondón, el Teatro como la Vida.