Liro Shaq ready to take his music to Europe

After this tour, the next destination for Liro Shaq will be the United States.

Liro Shaq 5a

In collaboration with the record company Rompiendo Records Music, urban artist Liro Shaq is preparing to begin in early october his first tour on the old continent, where for more than a month he will give a series of concerts that will take him through different European cities and countries.

Starlin Paulino, Liro’s given name, is continuously played on the radio stations of the whole country – The Dominican Republic – with the songs “Pin pon”, whose video has more than two millions views on YouTube and “Tembeleke” together with urban singer Crazy Desing which has more than five million views on the same video platform.

“Glad, happy and grateful, that how I feel right now with what is happening in my career. Two of my songs are number one on the radio and now with a “Euro Tour” I am deeply moved by the support of my team, my record company composed of Enguel Adneudy Sánchez Romero, Ismael Anibal, Danny González, Reynaldo De los Santos and all my followers”, said the singer.

After Europe, the urban singer will continue the tour through the United States. Since 2014, Liro Shaq started his project, but it was only after the hit Dale un botón that he gained popularity.