Maridalia Hernández, José Alberto “El Canario” and Wilfrido Vargas will be in concert “Agradecido” by Eddy Herrera

Under the production of Edilenia Tactuk, “El galán del merengue” will perform next Saturday, September 23rd at El Gran Teatro del Cibao.

Eddy Herrera - Agradecido 2

Excited and happy, this is how Eddy Herrera announced Maridalia Hernández, José Alberto “El Canario” and Wilfrido Vargas, part of the outstanding artists who will accompany him next Saturday, September 23 at El Gran Teatro del Cibao during his show “Agradecido”.

The merenguero will not only celebrate his 33 years of uninterrupted career, but will also thank the audience for its support and all those who have been involved in the growth of a successful career.

“Having these great glories of my country is more than an honor. The presence of these artists who represent part of the best of our music fills me with joy. This show is created to enjoy people from beginning to end. We are creating a production, led by Edilenia, with a spectacular team of professionals who are giving their best”, explained Herrera.

“Agradecido” is a tribute to the best of our music through Eddy Herrera’s repertoire. A career overflowing with hits, innovations, fusions, which has made millions of people dance merengue in Latin America, the United States and Europe. A show that in one night will show the versatility of an artist that since his first success is connected with the audience in a special way.

Antonio González, is in charge of the production and musical direction of the show in which Eddy will perform his entire repertoire of hits and a journey through various musical genres.

Eddy Herrera will take the stage of the Gran Teatro del Cibao, with a spectacular band with guest musicians directed by González.

More than 15 dancers on stage, led by choreographer Marcos Taveras, will fill with rhythm and movement this production that will celebrate the impact of merengue, its roots, evolution and the global musical trend. The Gran Teatro del Cibao dresses up in merengue with the galán.

Tickets for the concert, which will begin at 8:00 p.m., are on sale at, Supermercados Nacional, Jumbo and CCN.

Eddy Herrera - Agradecido 3C