Darlene returns to her origins with “Solita”

Her debut in music was with the romantic reggaeton because, she says, that genre is appreciated and never becomes dated. This is why after showing her versatility in other genres, like the trap, Darlene returns to her roots with “Solita”, the title of the new single by the singer who is very happy to present this work to her audience.

“Solita” which releases with a video, is written by Darlene herself, who shows her charm as a composer. This song, despite it is connected with a softer melody, has some mergers that also invite to dance.

The artist, who was born in the USA to an American father and a Dominican mother, has seduced the audience before with songs like Ferragamo” , “Nunca María Palito” , “Mueran perras”, “Los amigos no se besan”, with Cromo and “Ma pa’ lante hay gente”, ft La Insuperable.

Darlene is one of the urban performers with the most potential and versatility. The quality that permeates each of her compositions makes her worthy of the good welcome that has her career right now.

“From the beginning of my career, romantic reggaeton has always been a good choice for me. I feel that I can express each of my words, I can be without a mask and the audience connects with my words, and it becomes such a powerful vibe that is what gives me the motivation to continue working. I made a trap that was a hit, but I always composed romantic music composed without leaving my essence”, the singer explained.