“The Dominican is a joke”, the comedy show that will fill the Lehman Center in New York with laughter

Jochy Santos, Felipe Polanco, Cuquín Victoria, Carlos Sánchez and Juan Carlos Pichardo will be together.

A great performance of Dominican humor led by Jochy Santos, Felipe Polanco “Boruga”, Cuquín Victoria, Carlos Sánchez and Juan Carlos Pichardo will take the stage of the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts this coming Saturday, April 6 at 8:00 pm.

“El Dominicano es un chiste” (The Dominican is a joke) is the comedy show that brings together these great names of Creole comedy, in order to bring joy to those Dominicans eager for entertainment from their homeland.

All the idiosyncrasy of the Dominican will be expressed in a night represented through tales, stand up comedy, anecdotes, parodies and jokes, to the delight of lovers of good comedy.

Under the production of Raposo Events, the comedy show combines the old school represented by Jochy, Cuquin and Boruga who have remained in the taste of the Dominican public for more than four decades. As for the next generation, Carlos Sanchez and Juan Carlos Pichardo, it is ready to bring the best of their routines in a night promises to be great.

For ticket information call 718-960-8833/ 8835 – lehmancenter.org

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