Marcos Yaroide sang and praised God on different rhythms

As with the concert by merenguero Sergio Vargas, some 20,000 Internet users attended Marcos Yaroide’s virtual concert – Marcos Yaroide Streaming – on the new Ultra Conciertos platform. We offer you 10 beautiful photos of this singer and composer of Christian music while waiting for Don Miguelo’s performance this Sunday evening.

Marcos Yaroide Streaming 8

On Sunday, November 15, I was invited to attend the concert by Marcos Yaroide on the new Ultra Conciertos platform live from the Dominican Republic.

Voluntarily, I didn’t do any research on the internet to find out who this artist really was. I only knew it was Christian music. Maybe because I was expecting to hear soft and melancholic music for an hour and a half.

But at 9:00 pm the concert started at top speed: first the cameras followed Marcos Yaroide walking to the stage in a majestic setting. The singer’s voice resounded, accompanied by a merengue rhythm played by young musicians with a very trendy look, then couples of young dancers dressed in white and jeans appeared to warm up the atmosphere even more. I was very surprised.

Throughout the show, the artist sang and praised God on different sounds that were very rhythmic (merengue, bachata…) and soft and delivered messages of hope to the audience in this time of global pandemic of Covid-19. He also received guests – including Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Tito el Bambino – to share his first virtual concert.

However, I wonder if some tracks were not recorded because I could hear voices of female choristers and brass instruments (even if synthesizers perform miracles) but they were not present on stage… Apart from that, we have to admit that Fidel Romeo, the creator of this platform, put the means to make these shows a success, moreover he specified at the artist’s press conference that producing these concerts online was very expensive…

The concert ended in quite a theatrical way: Marcos Yaroide’s wife and their four children joined him on stage and, holding hands, all six entered a pool of water…to perhaps simbolize purity, baptism…