Défi2mobilefilm: a competition of films made with a mobile phone

Visual credit: Samia Quinola

You have been dreaming of making films for a long time but you are not trained and you do not have the equipment. In fact, all that seems very complicated. Why not try to do it with…your mobile phone? You can participate in Défi2mobilefilm, organized by the association Mission Cinéma Caraïbe.

Mobile 1

To know all the tricks of this shooting mode, the association Mission Cinéma Caraïbe offers you a half-day training session, which will take place between 21 and 30 January, 2021 and which is entitled “filming professionally with a mobile phone”.

But to participate, you must first register for the 2020-2021 edition of Défi2mobilefilm, one of its Creation, Audacity, Resolution (CAR) projects.

Concretely, it is proposed to those interested to make a film with their mobile phone with a duration of 2 minutes (including credits) and no 1 second more, and to send it by e-mail, We transfer with the completed online form. In case of problems, your production can also be sent to the following address: mccaraibe@gmail.com.

You have two months to register for free at Défi2mobilefilm, i.e. from 5 November 2020 to 5 January 2021.

No matter your age or nationality, since the motto to be eligible for this unique film competition is: “No matter where you come from, challenge the Caribbean on your mobile”.

The best films will be screened and selected by a jury before or during the half-day training.

As rewards, the best productions will be shown on the big screen, broadcast on Mission Cinema Caraïbe‘s communication channels or will have the satisfaction of being the “top of the top” of the mobile film at Mission Cinema Caraïbe‘s events.

The complete rules of the Défi2mobilefilm competition are available on the association’s website: http://mcinecaraibe.com/evenements/defi2mobilefilm/.

Visual credit: Samia Quinola