Kréol West Indies presents “100 ans de Poésie en Guadeloupe”

On December 16, Gérard Lamoureux will present his book “100 ans de Poésie en Guadeloupe” (100 Years of Poetry in Guadeloupe) published by Editions Long Cours in Kréol West Indies located on the Road of the Pointe des Châteaux in Saint-François. Many cultural events are planned during this 12th edition of “Night in the Museum” among these a tribute to the poet Guy Tirolien on the occasion of the centenary of his birth.

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“100 ans de Poésie en Guadeloupe”- Une Anthologie de 1911 à 2017 (100 Years of Poetry in Guadeloupe” – An Anthology from 1911 to 2017) brings together 105 poems by 27 poets from the island including 5 women poets and the Nobel Prize for Literature of 1960, Saint-John Perse. We can mention all the authors selected by Gérard Lamoureux, the author of the book: Jeanne de Kermadec, Saint-John Perse, André Thomarel, Jean-Louis Baghio’o, Ancelot Bellaire, Maryse Élot, Paul Niger, Guy Tirolien, Lucien Gerville-Réache, Édouard Marsolle, Florette Morand, Gérard Delisle, Willy Alante-Lima, Lucie Julia, Henry Corbin, Hector Poullet, Sonny Rupaire, Ernest Moutoussamy, Max Rippon, Max Jeanne, Roger Toumson, Daniel Maximin, Ernest Pépin, Joël Girard, Daniel Radford, Gerty Dambury and Bernard Leclaire.

This nearly 200-page book whose preface was written by Roger Little, emeritus Professor at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, also consists of a short presentation of each author, notes on the historical facts of Guadeloupe and on the characters cited, a glossary of rare or creole words and a map of the Guadeloupean archipelago.

Vincent Nicaudie, the owner of Kréol West Indies and organizer of the event, planned several artistic events during this 12th “Night In the Museum”, a cultural event that achieves every time great success. First of all, the poet Max Jeanne whose texts are part of this anthology will read poems.

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“Adieu, Adieu Foulards” by Guy Tirolien put to music

To celebrate the centenary of the birth of Guy Tirolien (1917-1988), Guadeloupean singer Xénia Caraïbe will put to music one of his poems entitled Adieu, Adieu Foulards”. It is not the first time that this artist pays tribute to this poet who comes from the island of Marie-Galante. Last May, under the direction of the actor Dominique Bernard, Xénia Caraïbe had participated in the show “Miche” taken from “Balles d’Or” by Guy Tirolien (published for the first time by Présence Africaine in 1961) which took place at Fort Delgrès in Basse-Terre as part of the annual event “Fò an Fanmi” (Forts in Family).

In addition, the artist Joëlle Ferly will present a performance ; the visual artist Jean-Marc Hunt will make an installation, “Pran Ti Ban-la Sizé”; Yeswoo will perform a graffiti performance, “Autograph” ; a concert of “caribbean jazz” will be given by the exceptional quartet All Jazz Tour composed of Xénia Caraïbe (vocals), Raymond D’Huy (bass), François Quillin (keyboards) and Joseph Casimir (drums). In addition, the audience will discover the collective exhibition of contemporary art with Félie-Line Lucol, Jean-Marc Hunt, François Piquet, Aya N’Da, Rosy Auguste, Benito, Kitsimi, Hélène Valenzuela, Yves Bercoin, Catherine Pugliesi-Conti, Yeswoo, Piaf, Bruno Berton and more than 20 other local and international artists. People also will visit the rich permanent collection of Guadeloupean heritage objects exhibited at Kréol West Indies. Finally, a book signing will be organized.

Guadeloupean poetry lovers and art lovers in general will certainly not miss this meeting…

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