Eddy Herrera brightens the holidays with “Libre Navidad”

With the single “Libre Navidad” (Free Christmas), “El galán del merengue”, Eddy Herrera welcomes you at the most special time of the year, which the singer celebrates by thanking the blessings, with this song of his authorship.

After more than eight years without releasing an allegorical song to that date, Eddy fills the radio and digital platforms with joy by inviting people to enjoy a “Libre Navidad” (a free christmas), after the world has lived difficult times caused by the pandemic.

“I think we all deserve to enjoy a special Christmas this year, God willing. We have all gone through difficult times and have suffered because of this terrible virus, so I want to invite everyone to live a moment of joy and thank the blessings that we have in spite of everything”, the artist said.

Under the production and arrangements of Juan Daniel Montero and the distribution of Synphonidistro, “Libre Navidad” is a Christmas version of the single “Libre”, the eponymous name of his latest album composed of 11 songs.

“I am very happy, it has been a long time since I recorded a song with a Christmas atmosphere and it is doubly satisfying because this song has lyrics and music by me and the production of Juan Daniel, bassist of my band for more than 15 years, a great musician and producer. The truth is that it is very satisfying and full of enthusiasm ; if God allows us, this Christmas will be wonderful, full of affection, fraternity, brotherhood and love,” stressed Eddy.

Eddy Herrera