VP Records and Jah Cure release the lyrical video for “Welcome To Jamaica”

A few days ago, Kariculture presented you Jah Cure’s new single, “Welcome To Jamaica”, released on September 17. On September 27, the Grammy-nominated reggae star and his record label VP Records released the lyric video for this ode to the Jamaican nation.

The lyric video takes viewers on a journey from white sand beaches to a man playing a drum to express the vibrancy that makes Jamaica unique. Further in the lyric video and between the sunrise and sunset, views of Jamaica’s landmarks and culture makes the case for the country’s magnetism. Acting as a visual tour guide, Jah Cure curates select scenes from some of his favorite spots in Jamaica which coordinate with the lyrics in his song. The combined visuals and music provide a backdrop that showcases the land that produced all-star athletes, world-renowned musicians and performers, and one of a kind cuisine”, comments VP Records.

Recall that “Welcome To Jamaica” is part of the Reggae Gold 2021 collection. Jah Cure and his song are, today, the best ambassadors to sell the charms of this great Caribbean island to foreign tourists.