Eddy Herrera magnifies merengue in front of 12 000 people at Movistar Arena in Santiago de Chile

The great show organized by Multimúsica was sold out.

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In front of 12 thousand people in a completely sold out show, singer-songwriter Eddy Herrera performed at the Movistar Arena in Santiago de Chile, fulfilling one of his great dreams, that of returning to this country after his presentation in Viña del Mar with Wilfrido Vargas in 1988.

Eddy’s exciting show with Puerto Rican artist Olga Tañón was another proof of the impact that merengue continues to have abroad and of the transcendence of Herrera’s career.

The performance of “El Galán” was directed by Antonio González as producer and musical director, Emmanuel Martínez as sound engineer and other technical elements, Claudio de La Cruz as stage manager and Martha Herrera for the coordination and general logistics.

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A group of Chilean dancers danced to the rhythm of “Pégame tu vicio”, “Ahora soy yo”, “Carolina”, “Demasiado niña”, “La bailadora”, “A dormir juntitos”, “Para siempre”, “El idiota”, “Si yo sé lo pido”, among other hits from the rich repertoire.

“The satisfaction and happiness I’m feeling right now is something so great and gratifying. I remember when I went to Chile, to Viña del Mar, with Wilfrido Vargas I fell in love with that country and I always wanted to go back, one of my dreams was to go to Chile and it happened, the day came and it was something impressive. Just like Olga’s, our show was applauded from beginning to end. I am very grateful,” said the artist.

The crowd sang all of Herrera’s hits and showed its affection through big ovations and other expressions of affection.