Eddy Herrera evokes his best moments with his new album “Agradecido Live”

Eddy Herrera has released one of the most significant albums of his career. It is “Agradecido Live”, his 18th album where he summarizes part of his greatest hits in 20 songs under the musical direction and production of Antonio González.

“Agradecido Live” is born from the show performed last year at the Gran Teatro del Cibao, and in this album he shares everything he experienced together with his great guests such as Wilfrido Vargas, Maridalia Hernández, José Alberto (EL Canario), Miriam Cruz, Omar Enrique, Manny Cruz, EL Blachy, Magic Juan and Juan José (Mariachi Caballero).

“Talking about this album makes me feel so happy. Achieving this show last year was one of those dreams that I had with me for years and it came true. In this project I had a band of wonderful artists with impressive careers and the truth is that I feel satisfied to be able to offer this album”, said the singer-songwriter.

In this collection jewel are the tracks: “Agradecido”, “Pégame tu vicio”, “Ahora soy yo”, “El idiota”, “Para siempre”, “Demasiado romántico”, “La última vez”, “A beber”, “La bailadora”, “Demasiado niña”, “No me lo creo”, “Carolina”, “Bailemos otra vez”, “Sombras / payaso”, “Tu voz”, “A dormir juntitos”, Medely Wilfrido Vargas, “El africano”, “La medicina”, “Comejen”, “Abusadora”, “Hombre divertido”, “El jardinero”, “Si yo se lo pido” and “Tu eres ajena”.

In more than 35 years of career, Eddy has remained as one of the great leaders and representatives of merengue, a genre that he has toured several countries and proudly carries as a flag, something he will continue to do.

Each week, the video for each of the songs will be released. The executive production of the album was in charge of Eddy Herrera himself along with his manager and wife Martha Herrera, while the recording engineers were Abraham Marte, Benjamín Martínez, Enmanuel Martínez and Jean Carlos Pichardo. The mixing was done by Antonio González, the mastering by Alex Psaroudakis Mastering and the artwork was designed by Ramón De Jesús (Cachovy).
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