The Kaz’-a-w association invites you to its next “Private Sale of Creators” in Le Moule

The young association, chaired by Alfrede Férant, works towards the diffusion of art in all its forms. Since last August, it has been organizing sales of arts and crafts in its premises in Le Moule. On Saturday April 10, the public is expected to attend from 10:00 am and 6:00 pm in compliance with health regulations.

Association Kaz-a-w

Lovers of arts and crafts are now familiar with this appointment that the Kaz’-a-w association sets up for them in its premises at 105, boulevard Rougé in the town of Le Moule. This is its “Private Sale of Creators”, coordinated by sculptor Johanne de Azevedo, where several arts and crafts – such as furniture, decorative objects, pottery, jewellery and fashion accessories – are offered to visitors.

Vente privée des Créateurs 3

This Saturday April 10, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, everyone is expected to admire these local creations and purchase them, as it is also about ensuring that our participating artists and craftsmen maintain a professional activity and continue to earn a living during this health crisis.

“The idea was born last year VP Reduring the lockdown we had to find a way to show our work. Initially, there were four of us, now there are several. When we organize this event every two months, which is registered at the town hall of Le Moule, it works well, the public is there”, says Johanne de Azevedo.

Vente privée des Créateurs 2

The exhibitors for the day of April 10 will be : Katia Gonzales Salazar (pottery) ; Loïc Kancel (furniture and decorative objects made of pallet wood) ; Martine Nardin (from Tin’kréyasyon: textile creations of jewellery and accessories) ; Agnès Bruyère (from Agnessaline: jewellery made of local seeds and resin inclusions) ; Nadine Magnien and Didier Laballe (Jewellery made of local wood: calpata, kénette, champêtre, sirette and casjou senti) ; Annick and Laetitia Lecomte (driftwood and shell mirrors, jewellery, crochet clothes and accessories, necklaces made of local seeds and semi-precious stones) ; Johanne De Azevedo (jewellery made of leather, rubber, lace and threads, cardboard frames and decorative objects made of clay).

Vente privée des Créateurs 4C

In addition to these sales of art objects during these special days, the young association, which is chaired by Alfrede Férand, also intends to transform itself into an associative art gallery in order to offer visitors, we imagine, regular exhibitions with more creations made in Guadeloupe…

Vente privée des Créateurs 5