La Vaina Récord celebrates 15 years of existence

Dominican record label promotes urban talent.

With more than 15 years on the market, the record company La Vaina Récord, has positioned itself as one of the most prominent in the country, promoting the career of new and veteran urban artists locally and internationally.

Created by Albert Alexander Raposo Feliz, this record label has contributed to the growth of the urban genre, being a direct participant in the growth and evolution of Dominican urban music, which is currently in the best of its stages.

Exponents such as Químico Ultramega, El Fother, Black Jonas Point and Jacool, have been part of the company’s portfolio that promotes new talent and offers opportunities to performers who need to catapult their talent.

“When we decided to found this project more than 15 years ago, we did so with the vision of helping the Dominican urban genre to develop and above all, to offer an opportunity to many talented young people who are on the streets, full of potential, but who do not find the way or the resources to showcase their music”, explained the founder.

El Fother
Artist El Fother