Serge Hélénon arrives with a “Palette Palimpseste” at the Habitation Clément

From December 16, 2022 to February 14, 2023, the Clement Foundation, located in the town of Le François in Martinique, presents the exhibition by Serge Hélénon entitled “Palette Palimpseste”.

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The curator of this work on the recycling of man-made objects is Giovanni Joppolo.

“For Serge Hélénon, art is not only a tool for documenting and representing reality. On the paths of the world he travels, the debris found are alive, and the real issue he pursues is to invent plastic devices capable of becoming living organisms, spaces of dialogue and reconciliation of man for man (…) Hélénon’s priority is that of the man capable of decreeing and building art starting from human nature. To do this, the artist picks up on his way the most diverse relics of the world that manufactures, consumes, throws away or recycles (…)”, he explains.

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On December 18, the artist and the curator had the opportunity to welcome the public for a guided tour of the exhibition. Other guided tours by the mediation team of the Clément Foundation are scheduled every Friday at 4:00 pm starting December 23.

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Children from the age of 3 are welcomed every Wednesday at 10:00 am to visit the exhibition with the same mediation team. The exhibition is also open to pupils free of charge, an educational kit as well as a pathway for kindergarten are available. Booking is mandatory.


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