Alternative Nobel: “The Swedish Academy has not been involved in advising the New Academy Prize”

Maryse Condé - Photo: Franck Salin

Guadeloupean writer, Maryse Condé, still has every chance of winning the “Nobel Prize for Literature”, in the years to come. The Swedish Academy replied to

On october 12, the New Nobel Academy awarded the “alternative Nobel Prize for Literature” to Maryse Condé who said to the media she was very delighted about this recognition.

However, some people in Guadeloupe did not understand very well the meaning of the word “alternative” and said that Guadeloupean writer deserved to win the official “Nobel Prize for Literature” from the official Nobel Academy.

Others even said that Maryse Condé will never have the opportunity to win the “real” Nobel Prize for Literature, in the coming years, because she would have two prizes…

We asked the Nobel Prize organisation in Sweden the question, this is the reply Louise Hedberg, the Administrative Director of the Nobel Academy, sent to us: “The Swedish Academy has not been involved in advising the New Academy Prize. The New Academy is a temporary phenomenon and will, as we understand it, be dissolved in December.

It will not affect the Swedish Academy’s work with the Nobel Prize in Literature. The Swedish Academy plans to award the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature next year, together with the 2019 Prize”.

In other words, with regard to the rules there is nothing preventing the Swedish Academy – the official Nobel Academy – from awarding the Nobel Prize for Literature to Maryse Condé, in the years to come.