The FIZ pays a beautiful tribute to Patrick Saint-Éloi

Patrick Saint-Éloi

Patrick St-Éloi 13 - C

The 10th edition of the International Zouk Festival of Guadeloupe began on July 22 and will end on August 2. This year, the FIZ honors the famous Guadeloupean singer and musician Patrick Saint-Éloi (1958-2010) with a beautiful exhibition of photographs which the public can see until July 29 at the Centre Rémi Nainsouta in Pointe-à-Pitre.

The artist’s family lent all the photos. Frédéric Caracas lent two guitars of the performer of the unforgettable song “West Indies”; this talented bass player participated on several of his albums. Other artists (painters: Patrice Régis, Jean-Louis Halley, Fanny Debeurme – sculptor: Nicole Favières-Bourguignon) also displayed portraits and a bust of the singer.

During his lifetime, the “King of Zouk Love” took part in the International Zouk Festival and regularly provided valuable advice to the organizers of the event.

In addition, in July 2005, Patrick Saint-Éloi wrote in Creole these sentences especially for the festival: “Zouk la sé tan nou! Sé nou ki fey! Fo nou fey viv pou nou pa jen oubliyé ki moun nou yé” (Zouk belongs to us! We are the ones who did it! We have to make it live so that we never forget who we are).