VIP tickets for “Stand Viejos” are all sold out

The show “Stand Viejos” will take place this Friday, July 26 at 9:00 pm at Escenario 360.

Stand Viejos 2

Modern, current and varied will be the sketches of the humor show “Stand Viejos”, where veteran humorists Jochy Santos, Felipe Polanco Boruga and Cuquiín Victoria will trot out the best of their humor sketches to delight the public that will gather this coming Friday, July 26, at Escenario 360 of Galería 360 at 9:00 pm.

In a meeting with the press held on Tuesday night at Escenario 360, Jochy and Cuquín highlighted, among other things, the work that the comedians of the new school are doing.

Despite the importance of social networks today and the advantages that these social networks give to artists at the promotion level, for Santos, television is still the ideal vehicle to reach the masses.

“There are many young people who have a lot of preparation, I’ve always thought that for humor, the more preparation you have, the more material you have to prepare scripts, to communicate with the audience, to handle the news, I understand that we must give respect to the new generation of comedians we have in the Dominican Republic”, said Santos.

In the show that will have as a guest humorist Jefferson Reina and Samuel Mejía for the musical direction, good humor lovers will have a show with a variety of humor.

“Thank you very much for sharing with us. As you already know, humor has many branches, stories, parodies and others, and we will show all that in the show, we are preparinga show that lasts about two hours where people will not stop laughing”, said the producer of the event, Ramses Peralta.

Tickets are on sale in Uepa Tickets, Nacional Supermarkets, Jumbo and Escenario 360 at a general cost of RD $ 1,650.

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