Chiquito Team Band has celebrated its 10th anniversary in style

Chiquito Team Band - Photo: Elvys Joe

With a tribute to the great salseros of all times who have been their motivation in this career and betting on their own repertoire that has revolutionized the salsa industry, Chiquito Team Band has offered a concert to celebrate with its audience 10 years of a successful musical career.

Chiquito Team Band 21

On Saturday, October 22 at 11:08 pm, “The creators of sound” gave a large-scale sound and visual show in La Fiesta Theater of the Jaragua Hotel, under the artistic production of René Brea and executive production of Alberto Cruz Management.

In front of a crowed room, those present attended one of the best shows of this group, loaded with many emotional moments, both from the leaders of the group and from their families and fans who danced and sang along to each of the songs.

In this celebration there was no shortage of praise and words of gratitude for those who during this time have bet on the growth of this orchestra considered the maximum representation of salsa in the country.

The production prepared a compilation of images of the late promoter Isidro “Chichi” Aponte, manager of the group until 2018, a moment that brought tears to the eyes of the leaders who remembered his hard work and dedication to the growth of Chiquito Team Band.

The first guest was the renowned artist Henry García, who performed with the orchestra “Tengo que Colgar”, a moment cheered by the audience gathered at La Fiesta.

Other guest artists were Julian Oro Duro, Silvio Mora, Pochy Famila, who told the songs that Manuel and Chiquito played in their respective orchestras. Salsero Montuno y EhShawnee, who joined the party to perform some of Selena’s songs from the orchestra’s repertoire.

The former members of the “Universidad salsera” also received a standing ovation from the audience ; Luismi, Pedrito, Kelvin and Lugo, shared on stage the songs that made each one of them known within the band before moving on to other musical projects.

The stage became an accomplice for Bárbara Estrella and her son Rafael Berroa “Chiquito” to demonstrate their dancing skills, they were applauded by all present.

The concert was attended by personalities and artists of this Caribbean rhythm, such as Félix Manuel, Michel “El buenon”, Jandy Ventura, the mayor of Santo Domingo Oeste, José Andújar, among others.

The show, which featured dancers directed by Ivan Tejada, lasted a little more than 2 hours during which each song showed that the creators of the sound marked a before and after with this fantastic celebration as they reach their tenth anniversary.