Eddy Herrera impeccable in his “Agradecido” concert

“El galán del merengue” presented at El Gran Teatro del Cibao a production full of hits and memorable moments.

Concierto Agradecido 3

On Saturday night, Eddy Herrera materialized a dream he had been longing for: presenting a major show in his native city Santiago de los Caballeros. The concert “Agradecido”, masterfully produced by Edilenia Tactuk, was the epicenter of a debauchery of good music in El Gran Teatro del Cibao.

Accompanied by 20 musicians, directed by Antonio González, four choristers and more than 15 dancers, Herrera kicked off the big night with “Me siento bien”, “Te amo” and “Demasiado romántica” in a typical version.

The first great guest of the night was Maridalia Hernández in duet with “El galán”, in “Para siempre”, provoking applause and screams from an audience who enjoyed the great repertoire presented in the theater from beginning to end.

Giant screens adorned the stage that came to life with the spectacular play of lights of the concert that also featured the participation of Venezuelan Omar Enrique with the song “A beber” and Dominican Manny Cruz with “No me lo creo”, both together with Eddy.

“Santiago good evening, it’s a pleasure, an honor for me; my heart, you know what, tonight beats to the rhythm of this great city, the city of my heart. The city of my soul. And the truth is that it’s precisely here in Santiago my story began”, said the merenguero.

With the classic “Hasta la tambora”, Eddy paid a posthumous tribute to Joseito Mateo and Johnny Ventura, along with José Alberto “El canario”, who after this piece challenged the merenguero to demonstrate his versatility by singing the salsa “Bailemos otra vez”.

Although the singer-songwriter has stood out in his 33-year career as one of the most important representatives of merengue in the country, it remains true that one of his strengths is his versatility, this was confirmed once again on Saturday night when he sang not only salsa, but also mariachi.

“Sombra”, “Payaso” and “Tu voz” with the band Mariachi Caballero, became one of the most emotional performances, because with the last song in mariachi, Eddy told that it was one of the favorite songs of his late father, who asked him to sing it over and over again.

The impeccable sound stood out in each of the songs performed by the singer, whose repertoire also included “Como llora mi alma”, “La bailadora”, “Última vez”, “No aguanto más” and “Dormir juntitos”, the latter in duet with one of his four backing singers.

Between songs, Eddy took the opportunity to thank his accomplices and allies who contributed in one way or another to the development of his career, and he especially thanked Wilfrido Vargas, whom he called his musical “father”, and it’s really no surprise.

After projecting a video summarizing Vargas’ most emblematic hits, Vargas went on stage with his “son” to sing some of the merengues that made them both what they are today. This issue culminated with Wilfrido, Eddy, urban singer Chimbala and El Blachy singing “El jardinero”, a song that will be 40 years old soon.

“What Eddy Herrera did for merengue is something that placed us at the level where the genre has to remain, that boy is my pride and my desire to continue. I thank Santiago for having had by my side a person who is an example, not only in music, but in work and discipline, I love you”, Wilfrido said. While Eddy revealed that “Agradecido” was a name that was chosen mainly thinking of Wilfrido Vargas.

With the songs “Carolina”, “Yo se lo pido” and “Tu eres ajena”, Eddy – who also shined off with four costume changes under the styling of Reading Pantaleón – ended the concert after 11:00 pm.