Nashoo’s first showcase dedicated to Love

On Saturday, May 5, in the evening, singer Nashoo had an appointment with her fans at the restaurant “Le Petit Jardin” in Pointe-à-Pitre to present them several of her songs on the occasion of the release of her solo album.

The artist has made the audience travel through several Caribbean and North American rhythms with songs like “Reborn”, “Let’s do it again”, “Si ou lé” whose video clip has just been shot in Guadeloupe, “Island Flame” which is today an international hit or “Tsunami”, the song she performs in duet with singer Haya which opened for them the doors of the major radio stations in the United States and elsewhere thanks to the famous contest called “Coast 2 Coast Mixtape” which took place in Great Britain in 2014.

During this showcase in Guadeloupe placed under the sign of love with a capital “L”, the artist was not alone on stage. She had invited Guadeloupean urban singers Foxy Myller and Mega LCC she has known for years, as well as her partner, Haya.

This first stage allowed Nashoo and Haya, who had left the West Indies for 14 years and 17 years respectively for Paris then London to bond with the Guadeloupean audience and they already agree to organize another showcase in the country…