Urban artist, El Ymán, makes a grand entrance

Urban artist El Ymán from the Dominican Republic

El Ymán’s next album, called King Trap, is almost ready. The artist from the Dominican Republic worked with Arcángel, Mozart La Para, Shelow Shaq, among others.

El Yman 3

Randy Peña Ramírez, better known as El Ymán, a native of Cristo Rey, has been working for a year on a production called King Trap. In this record, he worked with great exponents of the urban music.

El Ymán, with a unique and different style in the genre, almost ended his production of 12 song titles among which stand out : “14 Segundos” with Arcángel, “Triple X” with El Fother, “Pablo Escobar”, “Moviendo La Nieve” with Shelow Shaq and, in the coming days, will be played officially for the first time on all digital platforms, on the radio and in discotheques, his new song entitled “El MPV” in collaboration with Mozart La Para, under the production of Topo La Máscara.

El Yman 2

The record companies that support this artist are Bárbaro Record and Krazy Music. Representatives of these companies agree that they have a rough diamond that only needs to be polished and they are more than sure that, with the quality of the working team that was prepared for El Ymán, they will quickly place him among the favorite artists of the genre.

“I trust in my music and the public and when it will hear my promotional song with Mozart La Para, that will immediately be an instant success. I also want to thank all the artists who are part of my first production which not only will have collaborations but also my songs and will also be launched with great pomp for the media in Santo Domingo and Santiago”, said the artist.