The Clément Foundation exhibits Rodrigue Glombard and Raymond Médélice

What to do during the school vacations in Martinique? Why not take in some exhibitions? The Fondation Clément in the town of Le François is presenting “Instants” by Rodrigue Glombard and “30 ans de création picturale” (30 years of pictorial creation) by Raymond Médélice.

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“The works created by Rodrigue Glombard over the last fifteen years bear witness to new explorations, moving from painting on canvas to collage on paper, from a certain gesturality to a methodical and meticulous drawing, from shimmering colors to black and white. However, whatever the series developed and the artistic practices involved (painting, drawing, collage, sculpting, installation), the artist’s central preoccupation remains the same: temporality. In reaction to our time, which is based on speed, acceleration and urgency, his approach consists in taking part in a slow process of realization that enables him to access an awareness of the present moment, time being an infinite succession of present moments”, thus the artist’s works are presented.

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As for Raymond Médélice, with this retrospective, he “proposes to establish, with the means of art and its sensitive and unconventional communication quality, a dialogue without discourse on the various problematic issues that punctuate our personal, societal or cultural journey. These productions bear witness to 30 years of creative expression in a mix of traditional and contemporary techniques, universal, local and current themes, singular forms, compositions and colors”.

“Instants” and “30 ans de creation” can be seen free of charge from July 21 to September 10, 2023, daily from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm.