Jhoel Lopez says Dominican television will disappear if disloyal advertising continues

Jhoel López & Víctor Gómez Casanova - TeleRadio América
2 - Jhoel López
Jhoel López

How does a television programme survive when you have to pay a monthly payroll and advertising is paid after 60 and 90 days? It is the question asked by the communicator Jhoel López, who, while assuring that he lives the best moment of his professional life, told that it is not easy to succeed with a space because of the cost that it represents, as well as the competition from streaming platforms.

“Today, you are fighting with Netflix, with YouTube, with social networks, it is almost an uphill struggle doing a television programme, and what makes “Me gusta de noche” different is it is successful on television and Youtube and I did it thinking about that, any joke in “Me gusta de noche” has half a million views and that is not easy, you have to speak the language those guys use, explained Lopez.

The winner of the 2019 Soberano award for the best “Weekly Variety Programme” revealed when he was interviewed in the “Víctor en Vivo” programme that “here, there is a mafia that has always existed in agencies and advertising and advertising placement.

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A very varied programme

He also said that some agencies believe that it is a favour they do when they place advertising in a program and there are many cases of ads depending on the link between the client and the agency.

The presenter said that he spent four years writing and imagining the concept of his program “Me gusta de noche”, since he wanted a project that would allow him to show all his talents. He said success is due to how demanding he is himself and his staff as well as his discipline.

Lopez, who also revealed that he is writing a book, said he does in half an hour that his program lasts what many do not do in four hours and he has the only space that is a series, a telenovela, a film and a program at the same time. The communicator also told how hard it was for him when he was suddenly unemployed the day he arrived at the channel where he had his programme “El escándalo” and they told him a few minutes before going on air that the channel had been closed without explanations. He made these statements to Víctor Gómez Casanova on TeleRadio América from Monday to Friday at 11:00 pm.

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Víctor Gómez Casanova & Jhoel López – TeleRadio América