Dany Punto Rojo is back with “Pendiente de mi”

After being a successful productor and singer, Dany Punto Rojo comes back to the musical arena with “Pendiente de mi”.

Dany Punto Rojo 1

Dany Punto Rojo started his career in 1998 when many urban artists did not even dream that this genre would be the first on the radio in many countries. After obtaining a prominent place and the respect of his colleagues by standing out as the producer of the hits “Las vocales” et “Las menores” and as a singer with “Capea el dough“, “Calabria” et “Atento a mi”, the performer comes back as a singer

After a break in his career, Francisco Daniel Mesa – first name of the artist – marks with the song “Pendiente de mi” his return to the world of urban music through Figura Entertainment, a company which was founded in New York and will handle Dany’s career internationally.

The new single is produced by Dj Sammy and Cromo X, two of the most outstanding and important producers of the moment.

“Although I was not present on the radio with new tracks, I kept reinventing myself and planning the return of my career, creating new sounds for not coming back with the same thing, I am one of the pioneers of Dominican urban music therefore I demand a lot of myself and my audience when I create music, I did not want to return with the same thing”, he explained.

Although Dany makes his official comeback with the track “Pendiente de mi”, he had already appeared on the remix of “Mastica y traga”, by La Insuperable with several artists.