Sergio Vargas arrives at Boca Marina in dance concert

Sergio Vargas 2

Sergio Vargas arrives at Boca Marina on September 15 with a dance concert, where those present will enjoy the best merengues by the winner of “El gran Soberano” 2018 on a promising night.

“El negrito de Villa”, owner of hits like La ventanita”, “Amor del bueno”, “La quiero a morir”, “Dile”, “Ni tu ni yo” among others, promises a great night that his fans will appreciate.

Sergio, who is one of the most active merengueros of his generation, always manages to connect with that audience who is eager to listen to good music in a pleasant and safe environment.

“Betting on Sergio Vargas is to achieve a sure success because he is one of the merengueros that people love most and he has one of the richest and most varied repertoires”, said the concert’s producer, Ramses Peralta.

The tickets are already on sale at Uepa Tickets, National supermarkets, Jumbo and Boca Marina at a cost of RD $ 1,625 per person.

Sergio Vargas concert at Boca Marina postponed until Saturday September 22

Given the uncertainty created by the storm Isaac the producer Ramses Peralta has decided to postpone Sergio Vargas performance “Concert Bailable” at Boca Marina until next Saturday, September 22.

The people who purchased their tickets can attend with those same tickets the concert of the new date, whoever wants a refund can go where he bought his tickets. “We apologize for the inconvenience this change may cause to the public that was going to attend this concert, but because of the weather we were obliged to move the event to this new date”, Peralta said.