T-Stone and Fanny J: a duo of shock for a “Coeur Noir”

It is the duet of this beginning of the year : Guadeloupean urban artist, T-Stone, and Guianese zouk artist, Fanny J. Both perform “Coeur Noir”, the love being a theme they particularly like in their compositions.

“This song is about an impossible love. A relationship that could have worked but the man preferred not to assume this relationship, not feeling ready and also for fear of not investing 100% in his couple. He is caught up by his mistakes of the past. Hence the fear of committing to the one he loves”, we read in the presentation of the track.

Until now, T-Stone had offered to the audience singles that were hits like “Au féminin”, “Olala”, “Fou dè Vou” or “Corazón”, but after having evolved for a few years in the world of show business, the artist has decided to take his career to a higher level by presenting soon to his fans a new album, his very first album, which will include “Coeur Noir”.

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To sing this duet that swings very well, T-Stone has set the bar very high since he called on talented Fanny J. The star of zouk, especially zouk-love, from Guiana has accepted, it must be said that T-Stone is an friendly urban artist who has not caught the big head despite his hits …

In addition to the photo of the cover of “Coeur Noir” which is magnificent, the video clip that accompanies the song presents beautiful images shot in Martinique, we can see the famous Diamond Rock… It was directed by the very well-known Jima Kanor for Chabine Prod.

Obviously, collaboration between the two artists pleases the fans because the “Coeur Noir” video already has nearly 370 000 views in only two weeks on YouTube.