“A Reír se ha Dicho” brings together Manolo Ozuna, Liondy Ozoria and Noel Ventura at Escenario 360

Comedians Manolo Ozuna, Liondy Ozoria and Noel Ventura will join their talents in the comedy show “A Reír se ha Dicho”, produced by Ramses Peralta, this coming Friday, March 24 at Escenario 360.

Starting at 9:00 pm, attendees will begin to enjoy the routines that will make them laugh with the humor of characters such as Nosé Lalú and La Pasante, played by Noel Ventura, who is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding talents of his generation.

Ventura will not be the only one who will be accompanied, Liondy Ozoria will be present with his inseparable Ñeñeco, who steals the show wherever he goes.

“A Reír se ha Dicho”, will say Manolo Ozuna with the best of his routine full of jokes and anecdotes as only he knows how to do.

“This union of these three talents promises. They are all stars of Dominican humor and seeing them in the same show will be a bomb and people will enjoy it a lot”, said the producer.

Tickets are already on sale now at www.uepatickets.com, Supermercados Nacional, Jumbo and Escenario 360.