RD$ 12.1 million for Dominican singers and musicians in 2019

Singers and musicians of the country grouped in the Dominican Society of Performers artists (SODAIE) received, this month, more than RD$ 6.1 million (plus de 117 000 dollars US) as royalties.

This is the second payment corresponding to this year.

The first payment in 2019 totalled RD $ 6.0 million (plus de 115 000 dollars US), a sum of money that is given to artists in accordance with the Law 65-00, on Copyright and Related Rights.

SODAIE is a non-profit-making entity that collects the right of public communication of its 842 members, in the Dominican Republic and abroad, resources that it then distributes fairly and equitably to them, three times a year.

SODAIE makes these collections, along with phonographic producers, to businesses that give commercial purposes to Dominican and foreign music.

The sum total that each artist receives therefore depends on the number of times one or several of his songs are played on the radio, on television and public use establishments, as established a monitoring made by an international company hired for this purpose.

However, in SODAIE there is a historical file to favour with the payment of economic resources artists whose recordings no longer played so much, but who deserve social protection.

5% of the amount distributed among its owners is allocated, each time, to this line.

SODAIE is made up of all the merengueros, salseros, balladistas and performers of urban music of the national territory, regardless of their sex, artistic genre, age or the time.

Among them, merengueros Milly Quezada, Johnny Ventura, Wilfrido Vargas, Kinito Méndez, Sergio Vargas, Miriam Cruz; bachateros Frank Reyes, Anthony Santos and Raulín Rodríguez; salseros Alex Matos; urban artists Mazart La Para, Vakeró and Shaq, as well as balladists Maridalia Hernández, Silvio Mora.

The decisions of this collective management entity depend on a board of directors composed of merengueros, bacheteros, salseros and reggaetoneros of different ages, chaired by Chucky Acosta of the Conjunto Quisqueya.

The board is also composed of el Maestro Ramón Orlando Valoy, vice president; Pochy Familia, secretary; Silvio Trinidad, treasurer; Pio Conga, member; Jhon Martínez and Andrés Mejía, alternates.

Ramon, Adalgisa, Kinito y Pochy Sodaie 1
Moment when the executives of SODAIE, Pochy Familia and Ramón Orlando Valoy give the cheques to Kinito Méndez and Adalgisa Pantaleón.