“Stand Viejos”, a storm of humor that does not go out of style

The second performance will be on October 22 at Escenario 360.

Stand Viejos 3

With bursts of laughter and showers of applause the storm of jokes of “Stand Viejos”, passed through Escenario 360, where Jochy Santos, Felipe Polanco “Boruga” and Cuquín Victoria, reaffirmed that they are part of the royalty of Dominican humor.

Coupled under a clean routine, modernized with current and funny themes, these veterans took control of the stage provoking the laughter of an audience that from the beginning to the end did not stop laughing.

In the routines, the three are in perfect humorous harmony, but they also give each other the opportunity to shine individually and the audience, who spent the night interacting with “the old guys”, has the opportunity to enjoy their favorite in a solo.

Stand Viejos 3-1

Produced by Ramses Peralta, the show was opened by Eduardo Santos, a worthy new generation who undoubtedly has the privilege of being among these greats humorists and keeping the best of them. Eduardo was also well received by an audience that for two hours, left their problems at the door to enjoy a show without any waste.

The evening ended with an invitation from the comedy trio to sports journalist Franklin Mirabal, who narrated live Albert Pujols’ 698th home run as a way of celebrating the feat of this baseball glory.

“Stand Viejos”, returns next October 22 at the same Escenario 360, after this first sold out show, for those who did not have the opportunity.

Tickets are on sale at Uepa Tickets, CCN, Supermercados Nacional and Jumbo. For reservations and more information dial 829.953.0360 and 829.852.6535.