Salsero Humberto Ulloa arrives with “Cariño del bueno”

The new single is part of the songs on Humberto Ulloa’s second album.

Humberto Ulloa 1

Salsero Humberto Ulloa is the next generation of the Dominican salsa who, through a new and quality proposal, seeks his place in the genre. The singer invades the radio with the song “Cariño del bueno”, which is part of the songs of his second production.

The single, written by Gerardo Ulloa with musical arrangements by Nelson Ulloa, has a video available on the main digital platforms. The clip was produced by Baby Javi Films and filmed in some beautiful places in Jarabacoa from where a romantic love story is told in the rhythm of salsa music, from the mountains of the northern zone of the country.

“El bravo de la salsa” (The brave of salsa), as the artist calls himself, bets on the quality of his proposal and stresses that this is his letter of introduction. Other singles he released are: “Convénceme”, “Los botones de tu blusa” and “Me vas a extrañar”.

The singer, born in Santo Domingo, since childhood felt an affinity for music because he was directly influenced by his parents. “From my mother, Martha Esthela Ulloa, I inherited singing and from my father, the musician Guillermo Vásquez, I learned to play some instruments such as accordion, tambora, conga, bongo, güira, bell, among others”, explained Ulloa.

“I thank God first for giving me the talent and the opportunity, the public and my work team led by my manager Santos Rodríguez of the company Volanta Music, Herbert Reynoso, Ulloa Productions and Humberto Arias better known as The Fantastic”, added the singer.