“Ha llegado el amor” by Eddy Herrera on the radio and digital platforms

With a beautiful video starring Eddy Herrera and his wife Martha Herrera, “El galán del merengue” premiered his first single of the year entitled “Ha llegado el amor”, a song that evokes through the audiovisual, directed by Jochy Fersobe, special moments of the couple.

“Ha llegado el amor”, a rich romantic danceable merengue, whose video was filmed in places in Santo Domingo, is a composition by Leo Suberví with arrangements by Edwin García and a mix by Moisés Sánchez.

“The truth is that the experience of having made my new video with my wife Martha Herrera has been very special and rewarding. Since 2014 Jochy Fersobe had the story that we used in this video, but, for the theme “Te voy a querer”, directed by Jochy himself and he is not yet accustomed to this idea.With this song we return to the theme and it was spectacular for this video”, said the artist.

The video shows the couple who has been in a relationship for 32 years, at different stages until they reach old age together. “With this song we wanted to pay tribute to those couples who have managed to stay together through time and who have put love as their priority, I am very happy with the result of the video created by Fersobe, who is a great professional and managed toshow just what we wanted”, said the merenguero.

And after having 2019, one of the most active years of his career, Herrera is preparing to work major projects in 2020 that begin with this song already available on all digital platforms and through singer’s YouTube channel.

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