Free admission for ladies: generous offer or bait ?

During these school holidays of July and August in Guadeloupe, parties are numerous. Very tempting advertisements are everywhere: on posters, invitation cards, the Internet, newspapers, the radio or on television.

People are spoilt for choice to go to a private party or to a nightclub. Unlike men, women are rather favoured because they often have a kind of favour : free admission.

This favour granted to women has been implemented for decades and, in spite of all feminist advances in our society, we are surprised to see that this famous sentence “Free admission for ladies” is still relevant today.

Why do they give women permission to go into a nightclub without paying while men have to spend money? If the girl or the woman is equal to the boy or the man, both should go into the party without paying or both should pay their entrance ticket.

When they announce in their advertisements “Free admission for ladies” (generally until 11:00 pm, midnight or 1:00 am), we can wonder if the owners of nightclubs or the organizers of private parties use women like “beautiful plants” in order to embellish, make nice their events or like “baits” to attract single men and make much money ?

That would mean women who think to take advantages of a generous offer, in reality, would pay just by their presence at these parties, twice or more the price of the entrance ticket.

In addition, in these kind of party, many women often think that they must accept to dance with men, others tolerate guys who try to pick them up to not make trouble because they did not pay… We already saw boys who insulted girls because they refused to dance with them.

Women could not go to these parties but we can understand that it is difficult for them to resist this offer to listen good music, dance and be at shows free of charge especially when they are young, they do not have a job and they cannot afford it…

The owners of nightclubs and organizers of parties can say to defend themselves that they maintain this free entrance to allow couples to come and have fun by paying one ticket for two people. This explanation could be true so the advertisements must be changed…

After all the precision “Free admission for ladies” certainly also allowed romantic meetings.

In view of the economic difficulties of our island (more than 50 000 job seekers among them many women), the end of “Free admission for ladies” will not be soon…