Eddy Herrera refreshes the radio with the single “Dime tú”

A quality that has always characterized the career of merenguero Eddy Herrera is his constant search to offer his audience a new and quality product. That is why in his new single “Dime tú”, recently released “El galán del merengue” flirts with fusions where reggaeton stands out with the base in merengue.

In “Dime tú”, written by Ernesto Díaz “El Duende”, Eddy once demonstrated his versatility with some stirring arrangements by Moisés Sánchez.

“The combination of Ernesto and Moisés in the arrangements, make the result of their songs spectacular, especially because both work with the day-to-day codes; that is why I have worked with them on several of my latest songs. Since I heard it on the original demo I loved it and it penetrated my musical soul”, said Herrera.

The artist expressed that he likes to play with fusions, because they allow him to please his fans and, at the same time, be compatible with the new sounds of our time, because it is no secret that urban music by its rhythm gives a touch to the genre with which it merges, which is very attractive to a part of the audience.

With the support of the record label Codiscos, the performer of “Para toda la vida”, also works on the video that will accompany the new song that is already available on the main digital platforms.

Eddy Herrera - Dime Tu GF