“Planète en tête”, the large exhibition 2018 of the CMA

In order to show the talent of Guadeloupean creators, the Centre des Métiers d’Art invite the public to visit its large anual exhibition intitled “Planète en Tête” until June 19.

Exposition Planète en Tête 24

After the opening which took place on June 1, from June 4 to 19, the workshops of the Centre des Métiers d’Art (CMA) located in the district of Bergevin in Pointe-à-Pitre present to the public their big annual exhibition. For this edition 2017-2018, this exhibition was intitled “Planète en Tête” (Planet in Head) because the teaching team decided to centre its work on environment problems : “Guadeloupean young people like all citizens are also concerned about these topics. Sometimes they are directly impacted by the scale of some ecological changes. A concret, present and topical example : sargassum and its impact on the beaches of the archipelago”.

It must be noted that it is not the first time that the CMA chooses to deal with the theme of nature but, this year, a real research work was done, several subjects were broached (the city in nature; the transformation of animals; the impact of pollution on nature etc.) in order to make aware and inspire the students who are children, teenagers, adults, disabled persons and over-fifties.

Exposition Planète en Tête 49

Well-known artists in the teaching team

All the artistic and craft disciplines that are taught in the Centre are represented in this great and coloured display like drawing, comic, painting, illustration, photography, sculpting, pottery, wickerwork, flower arranging, sewing etc.

The teaching team consists of : Katia Gonzalez (plastic arts); Josy Costes (sculpting-modeling); Michelle Chomereau-Lamotte (drawing, plastic arts); Léandre Sigiscar (pottery); Thierry Bergame (plastic arts, comic-illustration); Chantal Rousseau (sewing); Évanor Alcabelard (wickerwork); Joëlle Urie (flower arranging).

The exhibition “Planète en Tête” can be visited free every day from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Visits are already scheduled for pupils. People who are interested in nature conservation and who want to join the CMA to develop their talents of creators must absolutely see “Planète en Tête”