Dominican Jean Carlos, “Ambassador of Merengue in Argentina”

His musical career includes a discography of 24 albums that have been awarded with gold and platinum records.

After more than 30 years of success in Argentina as “Ambassador of Merengue”, Dominican singer-songwriter Jean Carlos has carried out a promotional tour in the country where he began the magic and inspiration to give life to his dreams as an artist, last July.

Jean Carlos, who is a reference of tropical music, has exhausted a schedule of visits to the media in the Dominican Republic, highlighting his musical career that consists of 24 recorded albums, some of which have been gold and platinum records. There are also 5 DVDs, with world-famous hits.

The performer who permeates passion and the characteristic musical colors of the Caribbean is responsible for songs such as “No me cambies por él”, “Quiéreme”, “Locuras mías”, “Tu amante secreto”, “El regreso”, “No tardes tanto”, “Búscate un hombre que te quiera”, and the latest, “Locuras mías” and “Loco”. He assures that one of the keys to his success in the music industry has been constant innovation as an artist, focused on satisfying the public’s taste with quality lyrics.

Jean Carlos 2

His move to the city of Cordoba in Argentina fostered creativity and expansion in music, managing to combine a style typical of that region with merengue, adding a dance characterized by sensual movements and choreography, conquering not only the hearts of the Argentinians, but also the whole of Latin America and important regions of Europe.

The history of his artistic training dates back to the age of 13 when he took his first steps as a singer, performing ballads and boleros at birthday parties and bars. In the Evangelist church he studied theater, poetry and singing. Later, he was part of the band “La Dinámica”, where he stayed for more than a year and then he was part of “La Dinámica Band”, a well known band throughout the Dominican Republic. He worked with the merengue singer Elvis Montilla as a second voice.

At the age of 18, he received a proposal from a businessman to travel to the Republic of Argentina after the recommendation of immortal merenguero Johnny Ventura, to be part of a band led by a soloist, Angel Videla. Together with three Dominican companions, they began a new stage in their lives and in the popular music of Córdoba.

The 4-month contract ended, he decided together with his friends to carry out a project that would make known new forms in the music of the place, this is how the band “Rataplan” was born, and after participating in other bands in Argentina, Jean Carlos began to develop different facets as a singer, dancer and composer, gaining recognition and popularity, for which a year later he decided to form his own music band.