Cuban Dip Salvador enters the Dominican viral charts with “La Vacuna”

With the song “La Vacuna” (The vaccine), Cuban singer Dip Salvador is conquering the Dominican public who have shown their love and support by placing this single in the most viral charts in the country.

“La vacuna” is a fusion of urban music whose contagious rhythm invites you to enjoy and dance. I am so grateful to the Dominican people. For me, it’s a blessing that my music is transcending such an important country for any artist”, said Dip.

The performer for years was the face of typical Cuban music, until he met the urban genre he now represents.

Born in Havana, Cuba and based in the United States, the singer is the son of parents who love Cuban folk music, which awakened in Dip Salvador a musical vein that ensured his exposure to the world of music.

“I have always paid tribute to my roots, and this one of the main reasons for the success of my songs and although I have now opted for urban music, I’m always working with the rhythms of my country”, he explained.