Dj Joe “El Catador” goes on tour in Europe with #HayProblemaTour

He will be joined by his colleagues from Combo de los 15, Dj Chulo Manía and Dj Chico Candao.


Considered one of the most outstanding Dominican DJs and one of those who has transcended more internationally, Joel Tapia, known as Dj Joe, is getting ready to leave for Europe on a tour that begins this February 25.

Along with his colleagues from Combo de los 15, Dj Chulo Manía and Dj Chico Candao, Joe is preparing, with the help of the artistic entrepreneur Eric Musick and the company Pronto en Mano, this tour called #HayProblemaTour, which will take them to Madrid, Italy, Zurich, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Norway, among other places.

The host and presenter, also known as El Catador, has been innovating and presenting novelties for years, an example being the work he did during the pandemic lockdown. From his home, he increased the level of popularity among the Dominican diaspora and other Latinos for his outstanding live mixes on various digital platforms.

In his mixes, there are different musical genres such as salsa, bachata, traditional merengue, mambo, dembow, reggaeton, vallenato, corrido, ballads, boleros and more.

“I am very grateful for the backing and support of all the public that has followed the evolution of my career, thanks to this I have been able to maintain myself and go transcending in digital platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, where my popular phrases go viral. My work has also been a source of inspiration for many of Djs who are now established”, he explained.

Note that Joe began his career as a DJ, then studied elocution at the Otto Rivera School and immediately joined the national radio station Kiss94.9, fulfilling one of his dreams at an early age. He then obtained a degree in Social Communication, which allowed him to be the first communicator and DJ to appear on national television in 2004.