MC Maloon presents “El tiempo pasa” and “Tu cintura”

Michael Aneuris Encarnacion, Dominican singer, songwriter and music producer known artistically as MC Maloon, comes to the urban arena with the song “El tiempo pasa”. With only a few months of career, he managed to get public support proof as evidenced by his videos, which reached more than half a million views on YouTube.

In this month of July, MC Maloon presents this single, a solo track, produced by Speekie, and is about a fugitive from justice who was psychologically affected by imprisonment and who suffers from love and hallucinations.

After becoming popular on social networks and thanks to his record label OMJ Productions, Mc Maloon collaborated with artists such as Zoa Thug, Chocoleyrol, Presley RD and Jemc Millones, Damante and Mc Albertico.

Another important collaboration released this month is “Tu cintura” with Tivi Gunz, which enhances the beauty and power that women wield. Both tracks feature videos produced by Peluka Films and are available on all digital music platforms.