Covid 19: Rafa Rosario says live with Eddy Herrera that entertainment will take a long time to reactivate

Eddy Herrera, “The gallant of the merengue” had as guests in this first episode Rafa Rosario and Alex Matos.

Eddy Herrera1
Eddy Herrera

Eddy Herrera initiated a series of interactions through Instagram live where Dominican merenguero will have conversations with colleagues and his followers. In this first episode that began yesterday, Thursday, Herrera shared with Rafa Rosario and Alex Matos, who gave their point of view on the situation we live in the country as a result of the Covid 19.

Rosario C
Rafa Rosario

“Social distancing, according to a study done by Harvard University, can last until 2022”

By addressing the theme of entertainment, Rafa said: “Shows with more than 50 people will be the last thing that can be done, because this social distancing, according to a study done by Harvard University, can last until 2022, when we live from music that has to do with crowds of more than 200, 300 and 1000 people. This is a question we keep asking ourselves and I don’t know what to answer. I think that show, sport, music and all this will make it very difficult for us to do it again; it will take some time. Entertainment will take a long time”.

When the possibility of a 24-hour curfew has been addressed by “The gallant du merengue”, Rosario assured that “it is something very difficult because we have many people who live from day-to-day, who snack to eat, we have to think about these people, we human beings are going to have to get used to living with this virus”.

Alex Matos
Alex Matos

“We are forcing them with our behavior to have to take that measure”

While salsa singer Alex Matos considered that “the authorities are making everything possible to ensure this does not happen, but it is the citizens who are forcing us to take such a measure, because we are not respecting. We are still sharing, we are in the streets, we are not protecting ourselves, so today the government has done everything possible for you to have the freedom of mobility between 6:00 am and 5:00 pm but people don’t want to understand, so we are forcing them with our behavior to have to take that measure. If they have to take it because we’re forcing them, then I agree”.

About this exchange on Instagram, the performer of “Para toda la vida” said : “the idea is to bring to the public a content that enhance them. In these times it is important that everyone makes their contribution from where they can and understand, and we artists have a commitment that goes beyond entertaining. That’s why we decided to have this approach where fans can share, ask their questions and stay with a positive message from me and the guests we will have”.

Herrera, will continue with these conversations through his account @eddy_herrera.