“Medicina” the new reggaeton by J. Moreno

The young Cuban artist J. Moreno released the track “Medicina” a catchy reggaeton available today thanks to a distribution agreement between Chantiao Muzik and J&N Records, a company that belongs to JN Music Group.

After releasing “Pa’ Que Goce”, the Cuban singer breaks with his new song with which he intends to reach more people who appreciate his musical style.

“I love to play music and communicate with the audience. I hope this song will give me new opportunities”, said the artist who had the video production by @Jhovannyvisual simulating a discotheque and associating fun as a good medicine.

The great choreographies were performed by @darsosa, while his executive producer, Chantiao Muzic, took care of all the details.

J. Moreno started his solo career by releasing the tracks of his first musical production of which we already know “Tiempo”, “Mi Belleza Latina” and “Recuérdate y Llama”.

“I don’t know if it is a gift or an acquired skill, but I always walk around with my guitar, all day long I record melodies that come to my mind, the only thing I think about is music, I breathe for it and my biggest dream is for my music to be known”, said the artist demonstrating his passion and talent for music.

J. Moreno is a complete artist, of Cuban nationality, when he was just a child he captivated tourists with his voice, at the age of 7 he began to train in music and at 14 he was traveling around the island as a pianist in a salsa orchestra.

Today, he is a singer-songwriter, arranger and performer of various melodies accompanied by guitar, piano and percussion instruments.

At the age of 18, he arrived in Miami full of dreams, fate put him in the path of the son of legendary singer Frankie Ruiz, with whom he had the privilege of working for 3 years in his recording studio, where he composed, arranged and even played instruments for other artists.

J. Moreno & L. Angel was the perfect opportunity to start his own project as a musician, the duo became known with the production #OtroSonido and the video of “Tu Juego”, recorded on the beaches of Miami, an exciting and sensual proposal that achieved the support of his followers on music platforms and media. After 5 years the duo separated, and in 2019, J. Moreno started his solo career.

His talent is recognized in Chicago, New York and Miami, where the tracks “Tiempo” and “Recuérdate y llama” were played. Dreams and desire to succeed do not stop, after all, music knows no barriers. @JMORENOGRAM

J. Moreno 2