Amara La Negra, the Dominican-born singer who makes music while fighting against racism

Diana Danelys De Los Santos also known as Amara La Negra

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Since she gained popularity as a singer, Amara La Negra (30 years old) has always been characterized not only by her striking Afro and voluptuous figure, but also she shares her “no to racism” discourse since her beginnings and she also expressed how proud she is of her race and colour whenever she has the opportunity.

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Diana Danelys De Los Santos, her real name, also shared with her audience her experience on the difficulty of keeping her head up in an industry that has discriminated against her more than once.

Against all odds, Amara has made her way as a singer and now, in the middle of promoting a new song, she divides her time between demonstrations in the streets of the United States and creation of music for her audience.

In her Instagram story, Amara expresses how she feels and shows what she is doing today to continue to fight racism. In one of her publications, she said : “I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren what happened in 2020! Teach my children to be like me! To show them all my pictures and say “That was me when I was younger!” To share my experiences with the little ones who need advice and knowledge. I can’t wait to tell them how I fought for freedom and equality. I can’t wait to teach them to fearlessly defend what they believe in. Fight for what is important to them. I can’t wait to teach my babies to be soldiers! Warriors! Read to them books by all the great leaders, activists and freedom fighters. I can’t wait to hear them talk about me and say, “My mother did this! It’s my mother! My mother made history! I can’t wait”.

The young woman who is also a dancer doesn’t have children at the moment but she wants to be a mother. She was born in Miami, but her mother, a Dominican woman who emigrated to the USA in search of a better future, instilled in her the whole Dominican culture, that is why she totally identifies herself as Dominican even though she was not born on this island.

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“We’ve had enough of racism!”

Recently, the singer of “Otro amor” had the opportunity to prove that her fight against racism is very real because since the beginning of the demonstrations that followed the murder of George Floyd, the African-American unjustly killed by the Minnesota police, she has not stopped demonstrating in the streets of the United States.

“I’m Dominican and proud to be. Since my parents are Dominican. But first, I am black and I will always defend my race, against injustice. I’ve always done this, it’s nothing new. I’ve always talked about the discrimination that I have suffered and that we are suffering from. It is very easy to judge and criticize, but if you were not born with this skin colour, you may never understand what it feels like to be black in this world. The way people look at you, judge you without knowing you by the colour of your skin. We’ve had enough of racism! That they think we are less than the others! Not just in this country, but all over the world. I don’t agree with what many are doing, using violence, breaking and destroying our community, but I understand and acknowledge that for years they have marched, protested, sent letters to the Government, to the President and nothing changes”, she wrote on her Instagram account.

Although Amara is currently continuing her fight, she also finds time to continue offering the best of her talent. She is now working on her new single titled “Ándale”.

She is gradually developing in American industry. She participated in the popular reality TV show VH1 Love & Hip Hop: Miami, she also appeared in “Mira quien baila” on the Univision channel and she made her first steps on the big screen in “Fall Girls” by Chris Stokes.

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