The 9th FICFA presents 7 films nominated for the 2019 Oscars

For nine consecutive years, the Festival Internacional de Cine Fine Arts brings together an exquisite billboard of important international films that the public likes, and on this occasion, the organizers of the FICFA 2018 are proud to present a careful billboard with the best of independent film by screening seven of the best films which are nominated for the Oscars 2019 awards, selected to represent their countries in the outstanding Awards of the Academy of Hollywood.

1-FICFA El Ángel

During the 14 days in which the FICFA takes place, for its ninth edition, it gathers more than 60 films from the best selections of the most important international festivals in the world, seven of them are nominated by their countries for the ceremony of the Oscar 2019. Among them are:

“El Ángel”, a film of Argentine origin that made its debut at the Cannes Festival being a resounding success; recently selected by its country of origin to represent it in the categories for “Best Foreign-Language Film” at the Oscar 2019 awards and “Best Ibero-American film” at the Goya Awards in Spain. “El Ángel” by director Luis Ortega is based on the life of serial killer Carlos Robledo Puch aka “The Angel of Death” who shocked Argentina in the 1970s for committing a series of robberies and murders. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and inspired the script of the blockbuster.

2-FICFA Shoplifters

The Japanese film “Shoplifters”, premiered last May 13 at the Cannes Film Festival, won the top prize, the Golden Palm Award, it was the winner at Munich Film Fest 18, part of the official selection at Toronto 18, selected by Japan to compete at the Oscar 2019 awards for the “Best foreign-language film”. Directed, written and edited by Hirokazu Kore-eda, it tells the story of parents who survive thanks to thefts in stores and whose decision to adopt a found and helpless girl will make radical changes to their life.

3-FICFA Pájaros de Verano

“Pájaros de Verano”, directed by Cio Guerra, who was nominated for an Oscar for “El Abrazo de la Serpiente”, is the film selected to represent Colombia at the 2019 Hollywood Academy Awards in the “Best Foreign Film” category. The film was selected for the opening of Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes 18, shown at Locarno International Films Festival 2018 and at the London Films Festival. It sets between the decades of the 60s and 80s and narrates the rise and fall of a Wayú family that heads the lucrative business of selling marijuana in the United States.

4-FICFA Las Herederas

“Las Herederas” is a drama of Paraguayan origin directed by Marcelo Martinessi, selected by the committee of the Arts Academy of Paraguay as a representative for the Oscar, Goya and Ariel awards. The film was a great success where it was presented: winner in the Silver Bear and Feroz awards, winner in Berlin, Lima, Cartagena, San Sebastian and Sydney Festivals. It tells the story of two wealthy friends who have been together for 30 years, but everything changes when debts take one of them to jail and the other must drive a taxi to a group of wealthy ladies to support herself.

5-FICFA Campeones

Campeones, the top-grossing film in Spain in 2018 with more 3 million sold ticket offices and approximately 18.5 million euros raised in five months in billboard, is nominated as official Spanish representative for the 2019 Oscar. It is a dramatic and sports comedy that tells the story of a basketball coach who has too many personal and professional problems which put an end to all his objectives in life. Everything overflows during a League match when he ends up fighting with another coach. Marco loses his job and because he was drunk, he has a road accident whose fine will be exemplary: he will become a coach for a basketball team with mentally handicapped persons.

6-FICFA Ruben Blades Is not My Name

Will also be screened the film “Ruben Blades Is Not My Name” which will represent Panama at the Hollywood Academy Awards and tells as a documentary form the story of Panamanian artist Rubén Blades and the Brazilian film also nominated for the 2019 Oscar “The Great Mystical Circus” which is part of the must-see movies of the FICFA 2018.

It should be noted that each of these films were selected to be screened at each of the venues of the Festival Internacional de Cine Fine Arts, Cinema Café at Novo-centro, Caribbean Cinemas in the Downtown Center and Plaza Internacional de Santiago.

7-FICFA The Great Mystical Circus

In addition to the Oscar nominees, we will have an exquisite selection from the main international festivals, among them:

“First Man” : Toronto official section / Venice 2018

“Custody” : festivals like San Sebastian’17 / Toronto’17 / Venecia’17

“Todos lo Saben” : opening Cannes’18. Directed by Asghar Farhadi (winner of 2 Oscars) / Toronto Films Fest 2018 official section

“Redoubtable” : directed by Michel Hazanavicius (Oscar winner for “The Artist” / official section in Cannes, Munich Film Fest / winner Berlin 2017

“Candelaria” : Venice 2017 winner / Fenix awards

“The Prayer” : Goya 2017 awards winner

“El Amor menos pensado” : opening San Sebastian 2018 / box-office hit in Argentina

“Good Manners” : Brazilian film with more than 23 international awards such as: Cartagena, Lima, Locarno, London, Rio

“Museo” : Berlin 2018 winner

“Blackkklansman” : Cannes 2018, Locarno 2018 winner / directed by Spike Lee

“Loving Pablo” : nominated Platino 2018 awards / nominated Goya 2018 awards. The internationally top-grossing Spanish film

“La Reina del Miedo” : Sundance 2018 / Malaga 2018 winner

The FICFA is a Caribbean Cinemas event with the official patronage of Altice Dominicana and its loyalty program Altice Cinema.


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